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Feb. 4th, 2014

08:56 am - Countdown to Dragons

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It’s four weeks and counting until the street date for The Tropic of Serpents. The talk is starting . . . .

1) Excerpt from the book on Tor.com

2) Liz Bourke’s review on Tor.com (which I believe wins the prize for being first out of the gate)

3) Publishers Weekly liked it

4) So did Kirkus, but I don’t think that one will go live for a few days. (Holy crap, that’s three books in a row of mine that they’ve liked. I think it may be a miracle.)

5) Brief interview with the UK site Female First, on A Natural History of Dragons

6) I’ve sent pronunciations to the narrator for the audiobook of TToS. I’m delighted to say that Kate Reading is continuing with the series, and this one will be out a lot closer to the print date than the last one was.

7) Speaking of the UK, it occurs to me that ANHoD will be out there very soon! I actually don’t know the precise street date, but I think it’s in the next two weeks. (Again, #2 should follow in quicker succession, I think.)

I think that’s all for now. But as we get closer to the street date, things will be picking up rather rapidly, I imagine!

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Date:February 4th, 2014 06:24 pm (UTC)
It's out, it's out in the UK!!! I was in Forbidden Planet in Southampton on Saturday and was quite pleased/surprised to see it with the new paperbacks. I thought it was an American import, but it was clearly labelled as £7.99 (and not with a Forbidden Planet sticker over an American price :). They had it on special -- £2 off -- to lure buyers.

Yes, I bought it. (I've not had time to start reading it, but I will.) :)

I know, I know. I just checked Amazon.co.uk, and it says 14 February is the release date. However, sitting in front of me is a lovely paperback with kind of a beige/light yellow background cover saying Fiction/Fantasy £7.99 on the back, and the inside states it's been published by Titan Books, 144 Southward Street, London. Perhaps Forbidden Planet got them early and is breaking the rules????
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Date:February 4th, 2014 07:07 pm (UTC)
I saw several release dates on Amazon, which is why I wasn't sure. :-P But good to know that it's on sale now!
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Date:February 5th, 2014 09:37 am (UTC)
Street dates only apply strictly to embargo'd books (you'll never see the new Terry Pratchett/Dan Brown/George R. R. Martin/J. K. Rowling books on the shelves before the official release date), and on the whole companies ship books out in advance of release date on the expectation that they'll be shelved and sold as soon as/just after they're distributed. It's got its problems as a model - self-perpetuating bestsellerdom, for a start (release day sales don't get a boost, because they've been selling steadily already, potentially stopping a book hitting bestsellerdom unless it was embargo'd) - but it isn't a matter of "breaking the rules".

Also, Waterstones has copies too. :-)
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